The World is at War

Centuries ago, the High Elven Ar-tel Imperium began its expansionistic crusade across the world of Melione. Their first victim was the neighbouring kingdom of Nosiress to the south. The Imperium struck hard and fast, taking much of the kingdom’s northern border under its banner. Since then, the two nations have been locked in a land war that the Imperium has been very slowly, but surely winning until very recently.

In addition to their engagement with Nosiress, the Imperium has imposed itself on almost every nation on the map in some regard. Most of these have been small garrisons or “peaceful” settlements, but the kingdom of Aladhon has been hit particularly hard in the last 50 years, beginning with the annexation of the southeastern forests of Aladhon, renaming the region to Llano forest after the capital city of the Imperium. Within the last year, the Imperium hit the southwestern peninsula of Aladhon by paying off and empowering a local pirate gang known as the Blood Raiders.

Everywhere they go, the Imperium has shown a marked interests in the Rifts – scars left over from the cataclysmic Convergence – that dot the landscape of Melione. No one outside of the Imperium knows exactly what the High Elves want with these Rifts, but it has everyone on their toes.

Imperium Everlasting